The store started 25 years ago out of my love for retail and shopping. I do LOVE shopping! Schnuck is a Pennsylvania Dutch word meaning cute or adorable. My parents left the Amish way of life before I was born but taught my siblings and I Pennsylvania Dutch. I spent a few summer days at my Amish grandparent's bakery. I loved to be at the bakery. I still love the smell of fresh baked bread! It was in the bakery where I enjoyed the retail environment and of socializing with the customers.

Andrea's Schnuck Store is a happy shopping place. Not like most retail stores, we don't model perfection or have one style. Andrea's is a mix of merchandise. You can select from trendy clothing, fun and functional gifts, and the latest in home and garden trends. The store is ever evolving. Be inspired by browsing the website, visit our store in Amish Country or like us on Facebook.

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